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   Ergonomic handling
Sack handling for feed stations and all type of industries

Regardless of what they are made of, or what they contain, sacks are handled with vacuum lifter.

Handling raw rubber bale

Manufacturing tires involves mixing together various type of rubber with special propertires. The first step in the process is to lift raw rubber bales onto a conveyor belt and position them. 

Vacuum lifter for quick handling in a logistics center

The tube lifter conforms to the latest ergonomic standards. Its ergonomic, single-handed operation allows the work to be per formed without endangering the employees' health.

Handling of various multiple objects

Vacuum lifters can handle a huge variety of goods and it is also often possible to lift various objects at the same time

เครื่องยกไม้     Vacuum Tube Lifter for Efficiently Loading CNC Machining Centers
In its semi-automated production process, the heavy raw materials are moved by hand.

   Bulk & powder transfer
vacuum conveyor    
Big Bag unloading

The application is typically to transfer material from a big bag into a suction pipeline. We use a feed adaptor with a universal interface to connect to the big bag unloading system. 

Vacuum conveyor    

During the diecasting process vacuum can be used to convey particulate into the diecasting molds and also to evacuate the die.

vacuum conveyor    
Injection molding/pellet transfer

The primary method of molding plastic vehicle components is injection molding. Vacuum is used first to convey plastic pellets into a hopper.

Horizontal form-fill-seal

The very first part of the packaging process might require a filler tube or a hopper to be loaded with the product. Vacuum conveyors are used for this purpose.

vacuum conveyor    
Small bag unloading

The application is typically to transfer material from a small bag such as a sac or plastic bag into a suction pipeline and into a conveyor.

vacuum conveyor    
Transfer tablet/fragile material

When transferring tablets and other fragile material there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe and especially prevents damage of the products.

   Gripping, lifting & holding
vacuum lifter    
Automated pick-and-place

The use of specialized machines for high speed pick-and-place of small items with suction cups is very common in the electronics and consumer industries.

vacuum lifter    
Destacking layers of sheets

Blanks of metal (magnetic or non-magnetic), plastic, wood or cardboard are separated from a stack and fed into the line. Vacuum pumps and cups are used to “pick-up/separate” and feed.

vacuum lifter    
Glass/solar panel handling

Solar glass and modules are handled and fixed by vacuum during the entire manufacturing process.

vacuum lifter    
Labelling and decoration machines

By using vacuum, labels can be applied to objects in high-speed labelling machines in a simple and efficient way, even on soft and uneven objects.

vacuum lifter    
Woodworking and wood handling

Vacuum is used to clamp and handle workpieces made of wood.

vacuum test    
Vacuum assembly fixture - clamping

In several industries there are clamping fixtures where suction cups are used to hold parts during assembly, forming, cutting or other machining operations.

vacuum conveyor    
Bag filling with powder and granules

When filling bags with powder and granules there is a great need for a solution that is hygienic, safe and one that prevents damage of the products.

open bag    
Bag opening

Vacuum and suction cups are used to pick and open paper and plastic bags. Suction cups with stiffer bellows and a soft sealing lip are preferred in these quite often high-speed applications.